We value all members of the global PostgreSQL community and help them contribute to our events and other Postgres-related activities. Our educational content is free to use, which reflects our intention to keep the Postgres world open for everyone.

Our team is involved in many activities that help the PostgreSQL community grow and develop. We are always ready to embrace new ideas and partnerships and to collaborate with companies and individuals to raise PostgreSQL awareness.

Conferences and other events

Postgres Professional organizes conferences and educational webinars on PostgreSQL. Many of our free events provide in-depth knowledge of Postgres.

An Introductory book for Postgres newbies

We have published “Postgres: The First Experience” for those just getting started with PostgreSQL. It is free to download, and the printed version is the most popular swag at conferences where we exhibit. We also provide a demo database distribution, downloadable from our website.

Social activities

Our employees manage various PostgreSQL groups on social media, and many of those groups were created by the Postgres Professional team. Thousands of people get technical knowledge from our company on Facebook, Telegram, and other social networks and messaging platforms.